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From my olfactive log: Journey into the harvesting and distillation of Friuli's plain lavender

I want to start this blog with a post dedicated to one of the most popular essential oils: Lavender essential oil. Last summer I had the chance to see and participate to the lavender harvesting at the farm “Natura Viva” of Ermes and Simona Godeassi in Strassoldo, Udine province, in Friuli Venezia Gulia region of Italy.
The farm “Natura Viva” is a member of APPO Friuli, the association of officinal plants growers of Friuli together with other 9 members that lead on the Udine and Pordenone lands.
Is so praiseworthy the activity and passion of all the members, starting from its head person, Sergio Mucchiut, to let people know their product, the lavender and the essential oil obtained by steam distillation.

I met Mr Ermes Godeassi some years ago, at the beginning of my career in the olfactive world. Very nice person, straight, pleasant, active, a person that is proud of his origins. The lavender cultivation and harvesting is something that make him proud. So as his daughter Simona, she too so energetic and always on the edge in every phase of the manufacturing.

Mr Sergio Mucchiut give his knowledge and love for nature in this adventure to bring diffusion and the knowledge of the real Friuli's lavender essential oil; in his farm he is going ahead with his biodynamic growing project.

The lavender species cultivated in this area of Friuli is the lavanda hybrida (also known as lavandin) Grosso variety; this type of lavender is the most cultivated variety because of the high final yield in essential oil, the highest between all lavender variety.

A fine view on a lavender field just before harvesting is very emotional: the bleu violet colour of the flower mixed with the green of the stalk, give the characteristic Provence colour that usually is seen in the advertisement pictures of the south of France, patria of this natural beauty.
Effectively, if concentrated on the colours and smell that arrive at the nose through the wind, readily you will be pushed in a provencal dimension...bonjour a tout vous.

Right after the mowing machine cut and gather of the lavender bunches, the final look of the field changes radically, while in the air remains the characteristic scent of lavender.

In the next post i will finish the story about my close meeting with the lavender with some details on the essential oil composition and the distillation operation.

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