mercoledì 17 novembre 2010

Let's Go International: 1st Post English Translation

Esperienze Olfattive: The Beginning
"..Captain’s Log, Star Date 4231.2..."
As all fans of the popular TV series STAR TREK know, this was the starting of all episodes...the beginning of a new adventure of the starship Enterprise and his crew to the discover of new worlds.

The same way i want to start my adventure into the blogsfera world, telling about my experiences and discoveries in the odours’ world, from simple ones to sophisticated, writing sensations, talking about techniques and why not, about chemistry....about scented molecules that diffuse in the air and that, captured by our nose, interact whit us.
i will tell you about my mixing experiments of raw materials, essential oils, absolutes, resinoides and about the preparation of alcoholic tinctures/vegetal extracts.

Odours: an ethereal world made of emotions and molecules.

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