martedì 3 aprile 2012


This year I decided to devote more time to the Milan spring perfumery’s event so that i was  not forced to mad runs and to be able to enjoy evenly some of the programmed lectures. 3 relaxing days to exchange opinions on the world of perfumery with the pleasure to see again and to talk to dear friends and also to meet new people.
The time has passed pleasantly and I doesn't even remember all the times that I turn around the stands, not only to sniff the fragrances that attracted my attention, but also to observe all together the movement around the event.

This has given me the opportunity to select, to taste and to excite me with 2 beautiful perfumes, magistral olfactive constructions: but before telling you who and what, some words on my Esxence 2012.
One of my principal stops was the Osmoteque’s stand, true mine of the olfactive knowledge’s world. For my 3 days raids I have chosen to re-taste some treasures of the early 900’s perfumery: 3 Cotys (Origan, Chypre and Iris) and 3 Guerlains (Shalimar, Mitsouko and Apres l’Ondee). I have "listened" to these classical ones while meeting again with the Italian landlord and friend Cristiano Canali.
2 interesting conferences by Osmoteque about the story and use of Iris and Hedione in perfumery, with a “tasting” of the raw materials and most of the scents that contain them, a real history flashback.
A small stand Osmoteque’s, but a great window on the remote and next past of the world perfumery, an occasion that every passionate must exploit with greed of knowledge.
Participating to Mouillette&Co’s events and of her director Maria Grazia Fornasiero is always a pleasure: this year, in collaboration with Teresa Sintoni of Parsifal Idee per il Benessere, with the aid of a mini relaxation session and yoga breathing, we have been brought to expand and to sharpen our olfactive faculty to let us the describe the different essences that were brought to our breath. An amusing and educational way of sharing of the olfactive experience.
Andy Tauer is as the older brother for me, familiar, cheering: the joy to meet and to speak to  him is always great and there would not be enough whole days to exhaust the matters that always rise spontaneous during our meetings. He was of passage to Milan for the presentation at the perfumery Perfume in the via Brera of his new perfume Miriam made for Tableau de Parfum line. I have also had the opportunity to show him my works and he has mentioned me in his blog. Thank you so much Andy.
Andy has also been the medium for my knowing of Spyros Drosopoulos of Magnetic Scent, a young perfumer of which we will hear from soon: very beautiful fragrances with original accents definitively.
I have found the offer of fragrances quite linear, few new names and a homologation, so to say, unexpected: the only important thing in this historical economical moment seems that to launch a brand, making several briefs substantially lined up to today’s olfactive fashions, to create a synthetic story to support and here you have the new form in the fragrantica scene, for me quite neutral, without great emotion and without solid bases...
Overall, in this Esxcence edition of transition, not as many people even on Saturday and Sunday quietly walking among the stands where the operators seemed very more prepared toward the passionates both as quantity of information that of samples.
Even if in this context, I have succeeded in gathering two flowers in this uniformed lowland, two emotions that have left a sign in my olfactive experience:

Maria Candida Gentile and Meo Fusciuni.

but this will come in the following posts.

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