lunedì 9 aprile 2012


I am not used to write fragrance’s reviews: but when there is emotion, a strong sinestetic charge, when you are in front at the fragrance’s artist and you feel that the story you are listening to transmute in front of you in something real and alive, then i cannot step aside.
First time I met Maria Candida Gentile was at the 2nd Exsence edition: i was looking for a rose fragrance for me and i was sniffing everything with the queen of flowers inside. She was always smiling and me trying her Rose fragrance: ...magic and Cinabre become mine too. I saved the pleasantness and simpleness of that encounter in my memory.

Exsence 2012: she was always smilling and sweet receiving the perfume passionates and after had wait for my turn, i was introduced to her new fragrances, showed here in preview that will be officially launched next autumn, from september 2012.

Luberon: this fragrance is dedicated to Provence’s region, dominated by a lavender note that i feel here dry, wild, catchy, never prevailing: a sunny land’s freshness.
Burlesque: fragrance that gain vigour in a crescendo that is never coarse but delicate. easy but impressive...exactly burlesque!!!
Gentile: dedicated to his son, where the citrus notes are bound to the geranium/osmantus heart, dominating all with mastery. Never opulent.
Lady Day: as jazz passionate, Maria Candida Gentile dedicate this fragrance to the jazz and blues singer Billie Holiday, that never went on stage without a gardenia flower in her hair. It is the fragrance that catches me up and that let me literally exult.
Love, Joy, emotion: these are the sensations discovering the fragrance. The more i sniffed it, more i wanted it. This small gardenia, that come out in september, last flowering of the year, small and moist, covered by the morning dew: seems to see it that comes out exactely from the place where it is sprayed out.

Maria Candida studied the flower every morning in her house’s garden, capturing, from my point of view, every nouance of this white flower, from the greeness fo the initial flowering to the dew wetness, having as background the morning garden.

Thank you Maria Candida Gentile, thank you for this strong emotion that is renewed everytime i smell the perfume that come out from some drops of the precious liquid you donate me.

see you for my next post on the catchy and travelling man of the soul Meo Fusciuni

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