domenica 15 aprile 2012


 There are sometimes when we are in tune with persons you do not know and that, just after exchanged some talks, you feel him/her animated by the same passion: this happens with Giuseppe Imprezzabile aka Meo Fusciuni, Aromatario and Explorer of the soul. the beginning of 2011 i heard about his first fragrances and i readed this word in his presentatio and this hit me: working with essences, and defining himself as Aromatario seems to me frivoulus, a different way to say perfumer; but later i realize that this word hide the being the essence’s artisan, but in a very sincere way, loving and respectful of odor’s harmony.

So we met: happened in Florence at Fragranze 2011, last september: Ready to welcome and let try to everybody his first perfume line “The Journey Notes” he was always smiling: i listen to the story about the fragrances and sniff them on the blotter.
- 1st journey note: Rite de Passage, fresh and warm on its citrus, floral and then woody notes, tribute to Istambul breezy and open, bridge between east to west
- 2nd journey note: Shukran, a mint tea while talking talking around a table of a place where tobacco smoke join the Morocco’s voices, ina suk or on a terrace, looking at the square swarming of uhmanity
- 3rd journey note: arriving in Sicily, Meo’s homeland with Ciavuru d’Ammuri, that welcome us with  the sweet fig and jasmine notes, pure and warm atmosphere where, for now, the journey stops.
We talked about raw materials, source of inspiration and far lands.
Today, with his creation’s grace, Giuseppe with Notturno, his new fragrance, has translated in olfactive language his intimacy, translating in olfactive notes some poetic moments where he recognize himself.
Fragrance that i defined at the first sniff smocky, then arrive to me metallic and after the first sweet notes becomes... present. the ink that left its permanent sign, so Notturno recall a place where light and darkness coexist. Not different only as odor, as fragrance: there is soul inside, there is the will to be something and want to be present. and is this presence that touch me: Meo Fusciuni’s olfactive construction and his physical definition.
 The emotion to feel something alive, changeable, even in the Aromatario’s words than in the same physical evolution of the fragrance, is again the sign that to do something really different today in artistic perfumery you do not need only the building of a brand, sticking on that a story, often invented, translating a steril brief that follow only the clichè of the moment...No, there is no soul in doing this, there is no the essence that instead should be alive and let you express different things from the only i like/i do not like, good/no good...

so, i say BRAVO Meo Fusciuni, and thank you to be an Aromatario!!!

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