martedì 28 agosto 2012

The Journey

After 5 months i am back to update my blog: i haven't leaved my fragrant space on the web. Was 5 months were i started a journey meant to search for a more precise place for my EsperienzeOlfattive, to give a better shape to my passion. 
I travelled, met new persons, friends, organized perfumed events, experimented new and old ideas bind to my experiences and personal visions, discussed about olfactive matter with people already successful in perfumery.

Now this journey is bringing me back where all started 4 years ago, in the myth-land for everyone has the fragrant passion. Again i will meet friends, new persons, and will visit lands already seen to watch with new eyes.
In this virtual space i talk always about stories that move me (people,flowers, odors, events) and about the themes to which i am more in touch professionally (raw materials coltivation and distillation).
I will do it more and often.

A nice little book, together with others, had came along with me in this journey, a good read and, at the same time, intriguing, something to suggest.
The writer, with mastery and elegance, tell us about the flower’s erotic strategies to seduce the insects and pollinate them; charming and for who appreciate the simple things and stay fascinated and involved by the flowers seductive evolutions..

PS i havent find any english translation of the book, the link is to the french original book

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