mercoledì 12 settembre 2012


The famous Beatles’s song sings “Strawberry fields forever”, but looking at this beauty show of this flowers fields you cannot stop singing the song changing the refrain..
The renewed interest for tuberoses cultivated in Grasse, the coming back to the growing of this flower with an opulent, intense and narcotic scent: this is the novelty that live in Grasse now and in his periphery.
The air is always gently scented around the fields and the flowers picking goes by fast every day from 6 am to 1 pm, the hour that rule the stop and following weighting of the picked flowers.
In some views seems there is the flash back of 18th century Grasse sight, when all the town and the periphery was a garden supporting the perfume industry in every season.
Far away from the chaotic and commercial shops of the city, where the tourist’s curiosity for a day looking for "the Perfume", this old atmosphere is breathed where there is still the man busyness capturing the flowers' scent to restore Grasse’s magic.
I had again the opportunity to take part to this moments and let my Olfactive Experiences more and more enriched.

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