giovedì 6 dicembre 2012


I am going to introduce my 2 new fragrances, Dolcedesiderio and Living Lavender.
These 2 fragrances represent a further growth in my personal olfactive research and sensilbility. The journey started 5 years a go is enriched by new knowlegde that is transferred in these last works.

DolceDesiderio (SweetDesire) and the tale of a night of love
 at the beginning of summer, i was contacted by the organizer of an artistic event based on a french tale of the late 17th century, named “Senza Domani” (No Tomorrow) written by the artist, writer, diplomat and traveller Dominique Vivant Denon
young D.V Denon

I was asked to make a fragrance for the event, an olfactive string between the scene and the public. i accepted and started the work reading the text first and then interviewing the actress. A classical “erotic” story  of the pre-revolutionary french period  that tells about the deeds of Madame de T..(all the names are revised in the original text) that decide to have a one night love affair with a young man lover of a friend of her, the Countess of..

So the meaning of Senza Domani (No Tomorrow) is that of few hours of intimacy pleasure that, on the day after, will not leave anything but the memories into the characters mind.

The story develops in the rooms and the gardens of the castle of Madame de T..’s husband and culminate in the love-room of the castle where Madame de T show herself to her young lover in all her beauty, with a rose from the garden in her hand, fresh and fragrant.

this was the inspiration for Dolcedesiderio, a perfume that carry inside the olfactive characteristics of the time: opulent odors, very powdery, sweet where i layed spicy and sensual roses.
a rich perfume, with a vanilla flavour base that surrounds the rose aura, to be surely noted.

The main raw materials
Dolcedesiderio scent was given on a blotter poured into the fragrance and at the end of the event was gifted as sample to all the partecipants.

the Lavender’s sweet side

i am very fond to the lavender theme: with this raw material i started my first steps into the perfume world. i have worked with it, distillated, analitical sectioned it, and studied the several chemical components that is made now it has a special part in my olfactive memories.
so here i work on the reduction of the aromatic side of lavender and give at the same time a sweet characteristic, working on a fresh, balsamic-vanilled accord.
 the result is a fresh and caressing note that sweeten and for some aspects become almost fruity. A mature intepretation for “my” Lavender.

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