martedì 14 maggio 2013

Kyphi, an ancient Egypt scented story part 5: the scent and concluding remarks

Took time, almost a year from when the idea of replicating the kyphi recipe start to round in my head... buying and studying books, scientific articles, botany, searching the web, trying to undestand and learn as much as possible on the subject...finding the right ingredients, testing many of them, and trying to remake some of them from the informations found in antique literature. But now is here, maybe imperfect, but is here, in my hand, in the air burning in the censer...
This experience learn me alot about raw materials, the techniques of making incenses and fragrant compounds.
While making it, a sort of time voyage happens: shaping the mass, the compound in the mortar, on the heat, in my hands, on my fingers.. really another way to undestand from the inside the scented matter.
many asked how the scent is: so while myrrh is always in the backround, the scent is balsamic, sweet, caramel hints that at the end change in gently earthy notes. It is very diffusive and soon the room where it is burned is filled with the scent.
it is a very interesting scent experience, really different from the usual incense burning.

This is not the end, more has to come, revisiting other antique scented material.

But now time has come to go back and work on the building of my artisanal perfumery brand that little by little is shaping into reality.

I leave you with a gift: to the first 20 comments on kyphi I will send a sample of the sacred incense to spread again the powerful scent of Horus.
After the comment write me a mail to with your adress.

Thank you

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