mercoledì 17 luglio 2013


I am often required for custom/bespoke perfumes: the desire of many people to "wear" something unique, which like clothes, behavior and character, distinguish them among a thousand. The joy of building something unique and appreciated is huge, the wealth of acquired olfactory knowledge, immeasurable.

Every person who contacts me is different and different emotions are communicated, energy exchanged ... yes, not only the exchange of views and information, but also exchange of energies.
An organized one to one meeting, a phone call, a Skype connection or writing me an email: the brief emerges suddenly from a word, a moment, an emotion, a sentence and the ingredients begin to line up on the desk or on a list.
Many times there are loved raw materials, favorites, olfactory archetypes that always are in us and in the intimate of people, but when it comes to transform images or emotions in smells suddenly the choice becomes more complex: a sunset, sunrise, air summer rather than winter need a lot more trials that start to take shape roughly.

As well as the tailor tries to draw his initial model, so I try to give shape to my olfactory idea mixing the ingredients that feel appropriate to the request.

There are no styles, rules or established schemes in the construction, only a description, a set of raw materials, imagination and knowledge. In the swirl of ideas that flow as the perfume takes shape, the only thing to which we must hold is the hurry to the result, to verify the hypothesis of the effect imagined ad mixed. A fundamental element in this activity is the maturation of the mixture, the coupling of the ingredients, the fusion of the molecules, which generates net or labile shapes, intensity or weaknesses.

The moods that accompany these moments are intense: happiness and joy when you sense that you're on the well way, the ok’s of the client, his positive comments; disappointment when the result does not meet, does not turn, do not take that the shape I'd like and everything is called into question.
The scents, the smells, the raw materials are my energy, and i exchange it in the best possible way, making myself happy in my job and the people I meet in my path. These intangible molecules allow me to expand my boundaries and the continuous feedback with who I was (a chemist) and what I've become (a perfumer) consolidates all: ENERGY

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